"Trees make the city more livable, improve the environment, enhance public health, and are one of the most beneficial and cost effective ways to support and advance our infrastructure. Placed in sidewalks throughout our communities, street trees have a direct impact on our neighborhoods through the benefits they provide,"

That statement comes from the NYC Parks website, and they are correct,  as long as the tree basins are maintained. 

Although, NYC Parks will cut out the basins and plant the trees, all without the consent of the property owners or renters, they will not maintain the basins. What they are willing to do is issue fines for weed growth and debree that collects in the tree basin.

So how do we as business owners deal with this issue?

That's simple! We take advantage of what has been provided by NYC Parks and use it to our advantage. With just a few dollars and a little labor we can transform a bland tree basin in front of our businesses into some great curb appeal for our businesses.

During this years Annual Street Fair, Rite Aid Pharmacy allowed us to place the stage for some performances in their parking lot. This was a big sacrifice to them and their customers, so, in appreciation for their community spirit, TNMA members volunteered to clean out and beautify the tree basins directly in front of Rite Aid and across the street from Rite Aid. 

As you can see from the photos, the results are dramatic and relatively very inexpensive. 

Throggs Neck Merchant Association Tree Basin Beautification Project

To see more pictures click here.

The response so far has been so well received that we are planning to beautify more tree basins in our area on Tremont Ave. If you are interested in having a tree basin in front of your store "made-over", please let us know as soon as possible with an email to info@throggsneckmerchants.com.  All we ask is for your participation by cleaning out the weeds and debree prior to the "make-over" day. The next tree basin "Make-Over" day is Saturday, September 12th.