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Throggs Neck Merchant Association Merchant Survey
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    1. Are You a Member of the Throggs Neck Merchants Association?
     (If not a member, go to question 4)

    2. Are you pleased with what the Association is doing?

    3. Which activities initiated by the TNMA are of value to you and your business? (check all that apply)
         Ability to address common problems as a group
         Putting up holiday lights along the commercial strip
         Social network
         Stepping stone to becoming a Business Improvement District (BID)
         Better access to police precinct captain (better security)
         Better able to work with city/state agencies

    4. If you are not a member of the Association, would you consider becoming a member?

    5. What does the Association offer or would have to offer, for you to consider membership? (Please explain)

    6. What is your greatest concern as a business owner in Throggs Neck? (Ex: Sanitation, Parking Tickets, Health Ins.)

    7. What suggestions do you have that would make the Throggs Neck Merchants Association more effective?

    8. Do you like the Sidewalk Sale events?

    8a. Would you like them twice a year?

    9. ) Do you think the Trolley would be good for Throggs Neck business year round?


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