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Throggs Neck Merchant Association Residents Survey
Zip Code
Email Address

    1. Are you aware of the Throggs Neck Merchants Association?
          1a. Are you pleased with what the Association is doing?

    2. Are you employed within the Throggs Neck area?

    3. Do you have children who are school aged?
          3a. If so, what schools do they attend?

    4. Do you feel that your shopping needs are met locally?

    5. What type of business service do you think is needed in the community?

    6. Are you aware of the Summer Street Fare / Sidewalk Sale?
          6a. If so, did you come out to participate?
          6b. If not, how can the Association better inform you?
          6c. Did you enjoy the Trolley service provided?

    7. What suggestions do you have that would help the Throggs Neck Merchants Association be more effective?

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